3 Father's Day Gifts He Will Love!

3 Father's Day Gifts He Will Love!

With Father's Day just around the corner, we have rounded up some of our favourite gifts to give to all the Dads in your life.

Gone are the days when the world's best Dad just got a mug or a tie as a thank you for all the incredible things that they do. After all, where would we be without the endless barrage of Dad jokes around the dinner table? Dad's jokes are the one thing we all can rely on that put us at ease when the world is spinning out of control and remind us that Dad was the first stand-up comedian we knew. Why not thank him for all the love and laughter by giving him something that he will love. 

Today's Dads are looking for something that not only lets them know how special they are but also something that allows them to indulge in some self-care and much-needed quiet time. The following are our top 3 must-have gifts for Dad that he will love and cherish for years to come, and we have a feeling you will also want for yourself.  

The Striped Robe

There are those items that all Dad holds onto that you can count on him to wear every Sunday while he makes pancakes and reads the paper.  This handmade Robe will become one of those staples. Inspired by Slim Aarons' in the 70s, Striped Black Robe carries the minimal lines of the contemporary era and the elegance of linen.  The Striped Robe is handwoven on century-old looms and made to last a lifetime. Get one for yourself as we know you will be borrowing Dad's all summer long at the cottage. 

Striped Robe

Few Words - Shave Drops

His morning routine will never be the same and his skin will thank you. Few Words shave oil is the ultimate in self-care and luxury.  Thoughtfully developed and made with only the best ingredients that take men's skincare to a whole new level. All Dads pride themselves on not only having the latest gadgets but also having flawless skin and this amazing shave oil will deliver on this for him. 

The shave drop oil is for all skin types. Richly conditioning, this performance shaving face oil actively moisturizes and protects from skin irritations.  Yes, this is a shave oil. You do not need to use other products. It's an all-in-one shaving agent and post-shave skin & beard conditioner.

Scent - Deep woods, lemongrass, spicy.

Few Words- Shave and Skin Oil

Tip: Use it as your finishing touch if you are looking for a natural woodsy scent.

The Outdoor Kitchen: Live-Fire Cooking From the Grill ( A Cookbook)

 After reading this cookbook Dad will have you convinced that all your meals should be cooked outdoors. From the award-winning chef of Hartwood in Tulum, Mexico. Chef Eric Werner cooks nearly every dish served at his famous restaurant Hartwood. Every mouth-watering dish will have you wanting more and the memories created around the outdoor grill will never be forgotten. 

The Outdoor Kitchen: Live -Fire Cooking from the Grill ( A Cookbook)Outdoor Grill

The Outdoor Kitchen provides all the tools and inspiration you need. Featuring step-by-step blueprints for constructing your outdoor kitchen plus variations and modifications for store-bought grills, this handbook shows you how to build a high heat quickly and achieve a perfect sear.

Dads enrich our lives in countless ways, for many of us they are the anchor and the compass, it is in their arms we find safety and through their eyes adventure and endless possibilities. In celebrating the Fathers and Father figures we have in our lives we in turn celebrate those special parts of us that exist as a result of their love. 

Happy Father's Day!