A fun, modern, and irreverent introduction to healing herbs, this field guide to feeling good includes more than 20 plant profiles.

Here is an invitation to the wild world of healing plants growing right outside your door. Highlighting herbs from catnip and plantain to nettles and rosemary, this book provides the information you need to assemble an herbal arsenal for combatting any ailment—everything from brewing up a slick lube tea for sexual health to fashioning a simple summer band-aid from backyard “weeds” to crafting an herbal smoking blend to quiet a busy mind. This accessible guide covers questions like: What is plant medicine? What can I put in my mouth and where do I find it? Can I still go to my doctor? We’ve got you covered.



CHRISTINE BUCKLEY is a community-based herbalist, visual artist, and professional cook. Her writing has appeared in Well + Good, Kitchn, and Healthyish and has displayed work at the Honolulu Biennial and MoMA Studios. She has worked in some of New York’s best restaurants including Gabrielle Hamilton''s Prune and most recently as a food stylist at Apartment Therapy Media


Editorial Reviews

“Christine Buckley’s Plant Magic: Herbalism in Real Life is helping me reset my relationship with good-for-you plants. . . . Plant Magic is a crash course, a field guide, and a reference primer sure to delight those who are already curious about the healing properties of plants. . . . Buckley lays the groundwork for an at-home herbalism practice, explaining what it is (a system of healing supported by plants and food), what it is not (a new thing invented by white people with blogs), and how it can coexist with Western medicine (drink your red clover tea and get a flu shot). She provides instructions for making balms, ointments, and facial steams, but the real highlights are the recipes for things you can eat and drink. There’s garlicky chicken stock to bolster the immune system, a cinnamon latte to increase circulation and calm stomach cramps, and a rose petal toast. . . . With plants that taste this delicious, you just might forget they’re also good for you.”—Healthyish

“In her first book, [Christine Buckley] explains the healing properties of plants, profiling 21 herbs and their medicinal uses. The first part describes the tools and methods needed to cultivate these natural products at home. Readers will be familiar with many of the plants—dandelion, eastern white pine, red clover—and may even have them growing in their yards or neighborhoods. Buckley details ways to infuse herbs in teas, vinegars, syrups, and more. She also provides instructions on how to use herbs in balms and toners that can be applied topically. . . . Accessible, organized, and engaging, [Plant Magic] is a useful introductory resource and perennial reference guide. There may be increased interest, too, as readers look for ways to grow their own food and boost their immune systems.”—Library Journal

“Those interested in at-home homeopathic aliments and herbalism are sure to learn about the benefit of plants with Christine Buckley’s book. Here, she introduces a slew of plants—and their usages—instructing ways to brew teas and forage for herbs right outside your door.”—Chowhound

“For Christine Buckley, herbalism is more than just the process of using plants for their beneficial properties. It’s a way of being in the world—more in tune with the earth and mindful of one’s own interconnected mind, body, and spirit. In Plant Magic, Buckley takes us deep into the practice of herbalism, showing us how to cultivate a meaningful relationship with the plant life around us. Her ‘herbal arsenal’ details 21 of the most useful and accessible plants, such as cinnamon, thyme, lemon balm and ginger. Roost makes gorgeous books, and this one is no exception.”BookPage

“Christine explains herbalism in such a clear, charming, and personal way that’s inspired me to look to plants for reasons other than food. Every page beautifully and thoughtfully shows the clear connection between plants and self-care, encouraging you to appreciate both in equal measure. I can’t wait to give this book to every curious earth-dweller I know.”—Alison Roman, author of Dining In and Nothing Fancy
Plant Magic is a joyful journey into the time-tested tradition of safely and effectively healing with herbs. This book shows you how to do it deliciously!”—Brigitte Mars, author of The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine